Our Clean Kitchen Standards

Preparing formula pet food is best left to the professionals as opposed to home preparation. The steps in our process are repeatable each time a batch is prepared. Home kitchens may have many minute spaces or holes in counter tops and other surfaces into which residue food and pathogens can hide. No matter how hard you scrub, cracks, seams , pores and corners still hide food matter. Our Kitchen is equipped with non porous stainless steel sinks, mixers, blenders, counter tops, utensils and specially treated floors to insure the purity of the food being prepared. Employees wear aprons, gloves and hair covering during the food preparation so as to not contaminate the food. All measurements are precise, as we repeat the recipes that our customers have come to love and rely on. And each container of food is precisely filled using accurate scales. Remember also that our food is suitable for human consumption.

To manufacture our pet food we use the highest Clean Kitchen standards:

  • Disposable sanitary gloves and hair caps.
  • Sanitary Labware cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Touchless surgical soap dispensers and touchless hand sanitizers coupled with special hand washing techniques recommended by the Center for Disease Control.
  • Mop heads and rags disposed of on a regular basis

Additionally we take lab samples from our production facility on a routine basis and send them to specialized labs for testing.