Cold Handling

The path from our factory to your door constitutes our Cold Chain Management. We contract only with those companies that provide timely delivery guarantees. Your order is kept in our 16x24 freezer (0 degrees F) until packing is scheduled. From there a container is fabricated consisting of a box, Styrofoam liner on all sides top and bottom, Styrofoam peanut filler, bubble wrap,  frozen down ice packs and your product.

We do not use dry ice because it is extremely cold (-109.3 F) and requires the customer to wear special leather gloves for safe handling. There is a chance that this could present a safety hazard to our customers. Since it is made of Carbon Dioxide gas we do not want to impact our environment with CO2 emissions.

After packing, your order is then placed in these fabricated coolers ready for shipment. Once packed, they sit in our cooler until the carrier arrives. On the same day our carrier will arrive to pick up the packages for shipment. We only use carriers that will guarantee arrival of your package to your home in 1 or 2 days, whichever you have ordered. If the carrier misdirects the shipment or delivers it damaged or late we can file a claim with the carrier to replace the order.

The next stop in the chain is delivery to your door. It is imperative that you are available when the shipment arrives so it can be placed in your freezer immediately.

A last step is your personal examination of the product.

How do we know what is still safe and what is not?

Refreezing food is not dangerous, the danger is that food can spoil before it’s refrozen or after it‘s thawed. Defrosting portions of our food can be good for approximately 4-5 days in the refrigerator. At our air conditioned factory we keep our products in professional walk-in coolers at 40 degrees F after it is packed for shipment. No hands touch the meat except with latex gloves and all surfaces are surgically clean stainless steel. Clean procedures are exercised before and after each production day.

Freezing food does not kill bacteria - once thawed bacteria continues to multiple at the same exponential rate it was multiplying at before being frozen. It is suggested that the food be defrosted in the refrigerator.

Try to figure out how long things have been thawing/thawed to help you make a safe decision. And never feed a pet food you wouldn’t eat.


Food still has ice crystals. Use your best judgment.

Toss It or Contact Us if:

  • Temperature went above 40F
  • There is a bad odor
  • You have any doubts the food is still safe

Ok it’s thawed, no more ice crystals, but it’s still cold what can I do?

  • Raw Red Meat (Beef):

Refreezeable if it’s still very cold even without ice crystal, but only if it is below 40F and has only been fully thawed for a day or two.

  • Raw Poultry or Chicken, Pork and Lamb:

Refreezing is OK if it’s still icy or very cold. If it’s warmer than 40F, slimy or smelly it’s trash.

Quick Tip

If your freezer thaws and you have to toss a bunch of food see if the loss is covered on your homeowners or renters insurance.

This information is true and accurate to the best of our abilities, it is posted here to try to help people but food safety is a very serious thing. By using this information you agree that you are taking full and complete responsibility for your actions, your pets health and any food that you refreeze, cook or eat. When in doubt call us.