Customer Obligation

Delivering perishable goods into our customers hands in a timely fashion is one of the cornerstones of our business. To do this we have shared responsibilities with our customers. We have the responsibility to package the frozen product so it will arrive fresh, frozen and within the guaranteed time. The customer has responsibilities when they are receiving shipments from us. We keep tracking numbers to trace shipments to customers and when the goods are expected to be delivered.

  • Reporting Damaged or incomplete Shipments

    If the shipment is damaged or incomplete we have the option to seek recovery from the carrier. So be sure to validate the shipment. Customers have 7 days to settle disputes regarding the integrity of the packaging of the order. Packages might arrive slightly defrosted. This occurs from time to time and all that is required is to freeze down the order.

  • Our Return Policy

    Since we are dealing with perishable food our policy is that ALL SALES ARE FINAL for every shipment that we deliver to your door.   If the shipping carrier makes delivery later than contracted or the packages are damaged in any way it is the customer’s responsibility to contact us for further instructions to remedy the situation. If the product is damaged during transportation snapping a picture of the damaged containers is highly recommended and in most cases necessary for us to replace the damaged product.