Receiving Shipments

We ship our orders through the USPS, 2 -3 day shipping, guaranteed and insured. The USPS does provide up-to-date, real time tracking of your package online, through their website, with up to 11 scan events on shipments, from pick up to final delivery.

Upon shipping of your order, the USPS will send out the tracking number they have assigned to your order, to the email address provided to them from your Shelby’s Pantry account. The email they send will not only provide your tracking number for your shipment, but also shipment tracking links, which will take you directly to their site, and provide tracking information.

You can also log onto, and enter in your tracking number, to see where your package is in transit, and also the estimated delivery time/date. This site will also allow you to sign up for email/text alerts on your shipment. It will also offer the option to change delivery address/date if you find you are not available to receive your shipment. If you do not have internet access, you can also text your tracking number to 28777, and receive up to date information.

We ship all orders with the signature waived to only leave the package at the delivery address. In the event your postal carrier does attempt to deliver your shipment, and you are not there, and he leaves a peach colored slip, please log onto their website directly, and follow the directions on the slip, to set up redelivery, or to hold at your local post office for pick up by you.

If your package does not arrive on the estimated delivery date, please log onto their website to track your order. If your package arrived at your local post office AFTER your carrier has left to do their route for the day, you can call the post office directly to have them hold for you to pick up, instead of delivering the next day. Picking the shipment up at the post office may help prevent defrosting and spoiling of the perishable product.

In the rare event that your shipment is delivered late, defrosted or damaged by the postal service, we will be happy to assist you in filing a claim through the insurance we purchase on every shipment. Our policy is to replace the order only with full cooperation form the customer. As with any other insurance claim, we need as much information as possible to file the claim. If possible, please provide pictures of the damaged/ruined shipment, and proof of late delivery. Your cooperation is needed for this process.