Reseller Obligations

My Pets Pride is always on the look out for companies and individual buyers to help promote our product as an extension of our company. We encourage those who are as passionate about raw feeding as we are to spread the word about the benefits of raw feeding. After researching multiple shipping avenues we partnered with the post office in order to be able to ship larger quantities of food to our resellers. As we moved forward with this partnership we opened the program up to not only businesses, but also to those customers who may live in a shipping challenged area and those with a large number of pets who would benefit from buying our product in bulk sizes.

The reseller rules/obligations are simple but must be followed to ensure a successful relationship.

The minimum size order for resellers is 80 lbs.

The 80 lb minimum has separate pricing per pound, which includes shipping. Please contact customer service for rates and ordering set up.

You must have an upright freezer or sufficient freezer chest space to store the larger order you are going to receive.

All shipments MUST go though our shipping channel, no exception. Pricing per pound is based on carrier rates. 

Be sure to pick-up on the day of your order comes in.

Each reseller operates as an independent representative, responsible for their sales (to their customers), returns, refunds, and all business transactions.

As a reseller you will be responsible to make full payment prior to shipment.


We support our resellers by providing a listing on our website, marketing materials, and directing referrals to them. We encourage our customers to buy from local resellers to save on the shipping costs they may acquire buying directly from our site.

We offer customer support to our resellers, assisting with nutritional counseling, tips for transitioning and answering any and all questions via telephone to ensure their success.

To initiate the process simply fill in a Contact Us note to us. Our customer support people will get back to you or you can:

email us at or

call us at 1-716-462-5549.