Shelby’s Recipe

The Gomas family takes pride in their species appropriate recipes! These were formulated by the research of our founder Shelby Gomas with the kind contribution of recognized experts and professionals in nutrition and tried and proven by feedback from our Customers and Veterinarians. Our premium fresh pet food consists of raw meat, crushed bone, innards, vitamins and supplements blended with commercial grade stainless steel grinders and mixers (to preserve the purity of flavor) and stored in a commercial grade walk-in freezer until shipment.

Here’s The Real Thing. We make our pet foods in small batches with the highest quality kitchen standards. Our recipes are made to mimic the nutrition nature intended for your pet and are tested by professional labs. Our high protein premium formulas are low in fat and low in carbohydrates (less than 1%), and they are made with locally sourced free range GMO feed free and humanely raised fresh 100% U.S.D.A. and FDA whole meats or poultry, grade A inspected eggs (yokes for cats and whites for dogs), filtered water, crushed bone, innards.

Taurine, Salmon oil(Omega 3), Biotin, Folic acid and fortified with our proprietary supplements that address vitamin and other deficiencies in your pets diet. Organs and crushed bone provide a rich protein source to restore body cells, facilitate healing and health, and to help regenerate the organs of the body & muscles. In 1998, the Federal Drug Administration published its official findings on the nutrition difference between fresh and frozen produce. The FDA found that, in essence, there is no difference in nutrition between fresh produce and frozen produce. Through findings like this we are able to deliver our freshly made frozen products to your door.


Our formula is Grain, Antibiotic, Preservative, and Hormone FREE. Our premium diet provides nutrients necessary to maintain health and facilitate healing for pets with diabetes, renal failure, I.B.D. and I.B.S., loose stools, obesity, lethargy, lackluster coat, and allergies based on testimonies from our long standing customers. All products, supplements, and meats are sourced in the United States of America and fit for human consumption.

As time went on customers were asking for a way to make food themselves to be more cost effective or because they lived outside the United States. We created dry powder Raw Made Easy (RME) kits with our supplements and bone meal (optional) to mix with ground meat you purchase. This has been a popular item with our customers so we added it to our product line.


Some time after that we kept hearing from our customers “Can I feed this product to my Dog?” We answered YES but after we did our research we found that dogs need a little boost from select vegetables and fruits to maintain their health. The vegetables and fruits are blended in a special blender (after they are decored) to break down the cells and make it easier for the dog to digest the nutrients. Adding vegetables and fruits is further supported by what is known as the B.A.R.F. (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets searchable by anyone on the internet. So we created a special recipe blend for dogs: 75% Raw Meat, Crushed Bone, Innards, and 25% Vegetables and Fruits. Recommended vegetables and fruits are: organic carrots, organic summer squash, organic zucchini, apples (decored), and pears (decored).

These fruits and vegetables stimulate circulation and enhance blood flow as a digestive aid, have anti-oxidants to help fight cancer, help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), provide a source for carotene and water-soluble fiber, helps maintain heart beat, muscle contraction and nerve transmission, help nourish the optic nerves to improve eyesight, and facilitates maintenance of healthy joints.

We ship frozen food guaranteed 1 or 2 day delivery to your door from Florida only. We offer economical and time saving dry Raw Made Easy Kits (RME) which consist of the supplements and bone meal (optional) that we use in our food preparation processes to help you prepare your pets fresh premium meals, similar to ours, with ground meat you provide in the comfort of your own home .