Dr. Hodgkins

I just received a shipment of Shelby's Felines Pride. I have been a fan of this product all along because I know the formulators and believe that it represents a wonderful no hassle, complete and balanced raw diet for cats. I had not personally used it before because until recently I have had quite a number of cats to feed and have had good results with Omas Pride raw and Platinum Performance, although it is more work for me to use it. I sell about 1500 pounds of raw meat in my clinic every month as well. I have a litter of kittens right now and wanted to see how they would take to Shelby's formula so I ordered some. I am even more impressed than I was before.

For someone with just a few cats and wanting to feed raw, this would be the only way to go. Defrost, scoop out portion, put bowl down, done (i might even be able to catch a few more winks in the mornings)! And the cats really love it. Even the kittens who are not completely sure that anything other than mom's milk is fit to eat!

Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM


Dr. Lisa Pierson

I hope you can find the time to review what Lisa Pierson D.V.M. has to say. She's a professional and has seen the effects of nutrition and can substantiate the benefits of this raw food diet. Her suggested food diet is a little different than Anne's but basically the same. She knows what she is talking about through professional experience and has the credentials to prove it. I encourage you reproduce these recipes and try them for the benefit of your cat's health.

We are in the process of collecting more.

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