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We frequently get many questions about our food and in some unfortunate cases we are viewed as the last resort to some serious pre-existing feline, health problems attributed to a species inappropriate diet, (i.e.) kibbled dry foods, preservative based diets and other unhealthy sources of nourishment. Our Terms of Use on this site clearly states that we are not veterinarians and do not make pretense in being so. We offer kindly advice, in hopes of being of simple and useful help in explaining to you what we do in everyday circumstances. We are just like you, we love our guys too. We are curious as to how you handle certain feeding problems and how you deal with them.

We, in turn, offer our expertise in providing you with the best species appropriate food for your loving "furball" as a solution to most feline, dietary problems. Sometimes we get animals so loaded down with steroids and various medications for IBD or other gastrointestinal problems and health issues. We are often looked to be a quick solution to a long term pre-existing problem. What we make and afford our customers is an opportunity to provide a healthy formula conducive to optimum feline health and nutrition. Our goal is to be part of the solution to the problem your cat may be experiencing. It’s going to take a little time to get your cat detoxified from commercial foods and preservatives. It took my guys awhile, too...

Some of you have had issues with veterinarians who have offered you false hopes or no hope at all for a cure for your friend’s health issues. My heart goes out to each and every one of you in your time of need. I know what it is like to have a very sick friend and to be alone with nowhere to go for help. I remember an old rural vet I had brought a very sick feral kitten to hoping we could save his little life who had an attitude I wish every vet would understand needs to be conveyed to us anxious cat owners at these troubling times. The words he simply said to me were, "Where there is life there is hope!" Those words were comforting for some reason. I guess, to me, it meant he wasn’t even thinking of giving up! That’s the attitude I want to hear when it comes to my guys, as I am sure it does when it comes to yours.

We often receive inquiries from owners with over medicated pets that are in trouble and can’t eat. Some have been overmedicated with God knows what... and for how long? Some practitioners keep pitching medications; throwing them up against the problem hoping something will stick at your animal’s expense. Some simple health issues can be treated successfully in this manner others cannot and become more complicated. Pitching meds against symptoms sometimes exacerbates and complicates them even further until things get out of hand. The source of the problem is out of control within the realm of normally accepted procedures and you and your vet are stuck with complications and symptoms becoming extremely complicated and degenerative in nature. In some cases, advice is given unjustly and, sometimes misdiagnosed. Suddenly a health issue becomes an unexplained mystery that defies normal channels and you are at the mercy of chance with your loved one’s life in harm’s way. Some cases are just related to lack of total comprehension of the issues at hand and not one’s area of expertise. That’s when we as "cat people" need the help of cat specialists dedicated to the little furballs that we love and enjoy so much.

Fortunately, for me, and after so many, many years of trying to find enlightened thinkers in the veterinarian profession, I can confidently and proudly recommend two dedicated, marvelous cat specialists. I call them... "Cat Whisperers". They have that burning curiosity and dedication rooted in their hearts of what makes these cats tick. They can offer expert clinical advice as a vet’s, vet. These wonderful practitioners can work with you in solving many of the problems that you have come to ask us. We welcome those questions but there are some issues that come our way we need to refer to someone more qualified. In those times of crisis and immediate need, when you have serious problems we can’t help you with, we need to get you to the best help!.... and with the… where there is life...there is hope..."cattitude!"

Doctor Lisa A. Pierson, DVM is available for phone consultations regarding optimal feline nutrition to help keep cats healthy, as well consultations to discuss medical and nutritional management of the diseases that commonly affect our furry buddies. The most common subjects that Dr. Pierson consults on are CKD (chronic kidney disease), urinary tract problems, diabetes, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), hyperthyroidism, allergies, and inappropriate elimination problems (i.e. not using the litter box).

Dr. Pierson graduated from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 1984. She became extremely passionate about proper feline nutrition in 2002 when her own deeply loved Robbie was suffering from chronic diarrhea. It was only through applying common sense

and going back to the basics - and realizing that she was feeding her own cat a horrible diet of grain-laden dry food - that Robbie’s life was saved and he began to blossom into the healthy cat that he is today. ‘You are what you eat’ is not just a tired, old cliché.

She feeds her own cats a homemade diet that is very similar to Feline’s Pride™ but she does cover commercial options in great depth during her consultations. If a person wishes to make their own cat food, Dr. Pierson can formulate a patient-specific recipe and walk the client through sourcing the ingredients and preparing the diet.

If the subject matter warrants it, Dr. Pierson requires that the patient’s medical records and lab work be provided for her review prior to the consultation. All consultations are done via the phone or Skype. No advice can be given via email.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with Dr. Pierson, you can contact her at Please put "Phone Consultation" in the subject line. Prior to contacting Dr. Pierson, it is strongly suggested that you review her website at to learn more about general feline nutrition principles. If you have a kitty with urinary tract issues or diabetes, please be sure to review those pages on her website.

Doctor Elizabeth Hodgkins D.V.M. is a highly regarded Veterinarian and acclaimed author of Your Cat - Simple new secrets to a longer, stronger life.

This "Cat Whisperer" is available for phone consultations and will work in conjunction with your vet.

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