Testimonials Cat

Anne Jablonski

Many paws and two thumbs up for Feline's Pride raw food! I’ve been feeding my cats raw, homemade food for over five years now, and this is the first company I've felt comfortable ordering from. Being a bit of a control freak when it comes to knowing exactly what's going in my cat's food, that’s a very big deal.

Although, I still make most of my cat's food, I don't hesitate to order Feline Pride's food when I need a break from food making because it's the first food formulation I've found that does not contain any useless ingredients for an obligate carnivore...no silly fruits, no vegetables, and no grains. You won't find Feline's Pride using a plant-based (and therefore biologically-unavailable) source of Essential Fatty Acids, or committing any of the other multitude of recipe missteps that are so common in many of the prepared raw diets for cats.

I've used my website, www.catnutrition.org as a bully pulpit for years to try and preach the nutrition gospel of appreciating the dangers of feeding species inappropriate ingredients to our cats, and this is the first time I've run across a food that meets my admittedly fussy requirements. And, trust me, I'm not easy to please! Kudos and many thanks to the folks at Feline's Pride for getting it right.

- Anne Jablonski

Dr. Hodgkins

I just received a shipment of Shelby's Felines Pride. I have been a fan of this product all along because I know the formulators and believe that it represents a wonderful no hassle, complete and balanced raw diet for cats. I had not personally used it before because until recently I have had quite a number of cats to feed and have had good results with Omas Pride raw and Platinum Performance, although it is more work for me to use it. I sell about 1500 pounds of raw meat in my clinic every month as well. I have a litter of kittens right now and wanted to see how they would take to Shelby's formula so I ordered some. I am even more impressed than I was before.

For someone with just a few cats and wanting to feed raw, this would be the only way to go. Defrost, scoop out portion, put bowl down, done (i might even be able to catch a few more winks in the mornings)!

And the cats really love it. Even the kittens who are not completely sure that anything other than mom's milk is fit to eat!

- Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM

Barkley, Shaq, and Dikembe

A million thank yous for the FP advancement---part of me is stunned, but somehow I just knew it would be this awesome. I received the shipment Wed late morning and it was still mostly frozen, but thawed enough to portion out into ziploc baggies for serving ease (and there is no way DH would be 'scooping out' raw (remember vegans here:). While I was doing this, Dikembe, the reformed kibble addict was sniffing around the area and took a few licks from the empty container. First good sign!

Then I fed some to the others mixed with their Petsmart brand kitten pouches. This went over great! Although most on YDC seemed to take to FP right away, I knew there might be transition difficulties at first, so I didn't get my hopes up. I was so wrong! Barkley ate it almost immediately as did Shaquille.

The really great part is that we have tried dozens of foods for Barkley since his Hepatic Lipadosis in Jan 2002 and he would ONLY eat these pouches. NO FF, regardless of variety. So I was doing my own shaky tail dance when he dug in. And the cats really love it. Even the kittens who are not completely sure that anything other than mom's milk is fit to eat!

The next meal we went for straight FP to see what would happen. And like Mikey from the commercials, he tried it, he liked it! Straight, no chaser. We still added the pouch for Shaq and he ate both together happily. Dikembe ate some with his FF as well.

Next time around, we started with straight FP for Barkley--he has obviously taken to it well, then added the pouch food for Shaq to join in. The wonderful part is he ate the FP and left the little processed squares behind! Same for Barkley--picking around the Petsmart food for the 'good stuff.'

It is now Sat morning, the cats are full and resting happily after a satisfying REAL meal. Some interesting notes...after eating, the cats seem more content and relaxed with happy feet dreams. No big surprise when you think about it, but wonderful to see. Also, happy poops! and IN the box, not next to it. Truly a miracle for these guys, who wouldn't even use the box when clean, instead going next to it. Appropriate, healthy, poop in the appropriate place. Odor is almost non-existent as well. And the food doesn't stink like the pouch food.

Also, we have seen an improvement in their coats, and their energy level is awesome! Last night we had 3 VERY active cats, chasing each other like they were kittens (they are 12 and 14 years). Barkley's motor purrs are louder than they have been in years and he is even SPRINTING, whereas he was not so spry as of late. Yes, his new heart meds probably help this as well, but the last 3 days have been truly awesome!

The next step (and yes we are serious) is to see if we can get a Sears or similar credit card to buy a freezer and order the air cargo amount. Even if it means opening yet another credit card for the initial investment, we have been spending and wasting (food not eaten) $80-100 a pop at Petsmart, so it's really not going to be much more expensive and will balance itself out soon.

I just had to let you know how great this all is for us and our furbabies. Again, thank you for all you do. Headbutts, carol, barkley, shaq, and dikembe (who loves the toy BTW!---and he is a *sneetch* when it comes to his 'nip!)

- Carol


Picture it….Buffalo, 1991…. A furry little tabby comes wandering around our house from one of the nearby farms. Of course, our daughter holds him, pets him and hopes he comes back the next day. Pretty soon the Buffalo blizzards arrive and sure enough, the friendly feline returns day after day, making our house his 24-7 place to stay. “Can’t we at least let him come into the garage so he isn't so cold?” asks our daughter. No problem...so we got some cat food, loaded up a dish and supplied water that barely kept from freezing.

You know the next question…” Can’t we keep him?” ( those words every parent knows they'll hear someday).

Well, to make a long story short, now our daughter has her own family in a nearby town and we still have Norman, toasty warm in our home and the only precious thing keeping us from empty nest syndrome. My husband and I love this old, little critter. We hold him, love him and hope he’s still with us the next day. About two and half years ago, Norman suddenly lost a lot of weight. Our local vet checked him out with blood tests and you name it. Diabetes...in a cat??? Yes! The insulin shots started along with large expensive bags of special prescribed dry cat food.. Norman slowly became the third “couch potato” in our home. Last year his blood sugar tests were sky high- almost 600! His fur and skin became extremely dry.

We gradually introduced him to Feline's Pride cat food with vet supervision, (it took about a week.) He couldn’t wait for his morning and evening bowl to be filled and this became the only food he would eat. Norman’s blood sugar dropped dramatically and so did his insulin intake. He doesn’t drink nearly as much water, helping out those poor old kidneys of his. Norman's fur and skin have a luster to them and his eyes sparkle and almost "talk to us." I really feel as though Feline's Pride food saved our little sweetheart. Now Norman, my husband and I can grow old together.

- Cheryl & John

Earl Gray ~ Paws from the Glen

I am 12 years old. My staff fed me mostly top-shelf canned food and kibble for my first decade, but then I started to barf. (Excuse the crude expression.) My staff had been friends with Anne, the Goddess of cat nutrition, for some time but owing to what they excused as "demands on their time," they never got around to giving me anything better than the best, most expensive cat food available in cans. Then this great company named Felines Pride made Auntie Anne's food available commercially. Wow! Yum!! My staff were smart enough to take the attitude that expense was no object when you want to give your cat the very best.

I have been on Feline's Pride food for about a month now. I have added three pounds, all muscle. No barfing since the switch.

I am loving dinner time like never before. Not to mention breakfast, lunch, high tea, mid-rats, etc. The only thing that worries me a little is, what if folks read what I am saying about how good this food is, and word gets around so fast & far that Feline's Pride can't keep up with the new production demands? Would I still be first in line?

- Mr. & Mrs. White ~ Singers Glen, Virginia

Arthur 'Two-Sheds' Jackson

No one knows divine-origin food like "Me!" For I am Arthur, descended directly from Bastis. My humble staff, Stephen & Susan, have some cockamamie version of my kittenhood to the effect that they found me on their farm in late December '93, a six-week-old half-frozen, half-starved little stray, playing between two sheds (hence the name: Arthur 'Two-Sheds' Jackson, after the old Monty Python sketch.

I mean, really! How utterly prosaic, pedestrian, plebian can you get?!) I assure you that I can produce patents of nobility to prove my high-born origin. Truth be told, however, all these other six cats I am living with here are little more than common strays of no parentage. You should see the way they go at their bowls of Feline's Pride food! Slurp, slurp, guzzle, chomp, chomp...(*burp*) No manners at all. I, on the other hand, sample it;

I relish every bite; I let the delicate and complex bouquet titillate every noble bud on my discerning tongue. I linger over it as one of life's entitlements for cats of distinction. All this is my way of saying, "Feline's Pride" food is also directly descended from the nectar & ambrosia concoction that my great, great, great (etc.) grandmother Bastis ate whilst she was here and present among us on earth.

- Arthur


Hey! I am a 24-pound champagne & white colored long-hair that cat breeders drool over. I am so pretty my owners refer to me affectionately as "The Bimbo." I don't really care what they call me, as long as they keep feeding me Feline's Pride turkey & chicken mix. It keeps my fur gorgeous, my tail as lush as a feather boa, and the glowing Cheshire cat smile on my face. You judge.

- Huey


"Pearl" was the second and final name my caretakers gave me for record purposes, the first being simply "Mom." As any reader sufficiently literate in "Old Possum" and other cat issues knows, of course, my own true name is my secret. For purposes of this thread, I am also Earl Gray"s mother, though I might add that my lout of a son takes more after his father, whoever that was. No doubt, it was one of my several dancing partners with whom I used to spend an evening back when I was young and impressionable.

What can I tell you about Feline's Pride fine line of raw-diet, species-appropriate food? Well, it is far beyond merely species appropriate. It is species approved! Species delectable!! Species obsessional!!! It is everything I view as my due, after having retired from being 'Mom' and from innumerable litters of kittens, embracing such personalities as "Pokey," "Charlie," "Steve Watson," "Karmie," "Smudge," "Ditto," "Sabrina," "Simba," "Fox Fischell," "Finale (my last kitten before I got fixed), and others. Last and least couth, there was my pretentious oaf of a celebrated (published) son, Earl. Why my staff invited him in to live with us is beyond me. I'd have invited my daughter, Ditto, whom they named because she was a carbon copy of me. I wonder what ever happened to her. Hope she made a soft landing somewhere. But, back to Feline's Pride food. It makes me feel like a young girl again, all except for wanting to go out dancing in the evening. It's what retirement should be about. It's what pops me out of my heated kitty cup by the fire every morning. When the 0630 processional, of me and my six roommates; heads up the corridor toward the refrigerator for our breakfast of Shelby's Feline's Pride, that's me out in front.

- Pearl

Aunt Stubb

I tried to tell my staff back in 1996 that what I craved was a raw diet. Back then I was a middle-aged barn cat living just up the road a piece, when my daily travels brought me in contact with these kind neighbors, Steve and Susan. They already had a half-dozen indoor kitties, though, so they were a little reluctant to upset the social equilibrium. It was the winter of '96 when I hit on a plan to join their indoor family. I'd been lobbying hard, trying to push past them through the open door, but with no luck.

Then one bitter cold day, as they were coming home from a trip to town, I brought them a little white-throated sparrow and dropped it at Steve's feet. "All right, get inside." he said. "If you're going to raid our bird feeders, you're an indoor cat from now on."

I don't think Steve caught the wry little smile of victory on my inscrutable face as I sauntered past him through the open door into my new life of lounging by the fire, sitting on window sills above baseboard heaters, and watching the snow fly outside. The only thing left was convincing Steve and Susan to try out the raw diet thing on us cats. It took almost ten years. You probably don't want to hear the whole story, but let me tell you it was worth the effort.

Now that I'm nearing twenty, I've finally got everything I wanted from life. Feline's Pride turkey (I've always been a poultry kind of girl) is the pinnacle of all I worked for. It seems to ease my aches and pains, relieve my little gastric disorders, and make it well worth the long walk on my arthritic old legs from the bedroom out to the kitchen. On occasion, I've even managed to talk Steve or Susan into serving me my Felines Pride food in bed. Meo-o-o-w-w-w-W!!

- Aunt Stubb

Feral Fuzzballs

Just for the hell of it, this morning when I fed him his breakfast, I tried an experiment. One bowl, two kinds of food: Feline's Pride and next to it a brand of kitten formula most canned food that past proteges of ours have really liked and wolfed down. You can guess the outcome...he "hovered" over the Feline's Pride Gourmet Turkey in seconds, nearly taking the glaze off the bowl where the turkey was. An hour later, the other stuff, the canned food, is still sitting in the dish. There's a testimonial!

Did I mention what a major tool your superb preparations are in our efforts to tame feral kittens? I mean, I've got this little fighting tiger in my (gloved) hands, ready to bite me in two if he/she were only larger, heart beating at around 275 beats per minute...

And Susan comes out of the house with a dab of Feline's Pride Universal Solution To All Cat Nutritional Needs, and behold, the kitten noses it a bit and...voila! He/she is already thinking of signing the contract to be somebody's cat forever & ever. There's also testimony. We've tried all other contract-signing pressures: tuna, Friskies canned, Trader Joe's kitten formula...you name it. Nothing (truly!) succeeds like Feline's Pride Formula.”

- Mr. & Mrs. White


Let me introduce you to our cat "Cookie." We adopted Cookie from our local Humane Society in February of 2006. At the time, we were told she was brought in as a stray. They anticipated her age at 1 year old due to her size and weight. During the first few days, we noticed that she had diarrhea fairly bad. She had been on medication at the Humane Society for this reason, but she was going way too much. The following week, we were contacted by the Humane Society that Cookie's owner came forward to say Cookie really wasn’t a stray but rather had Irritable Bowl Disorder and they didn't want to deal with it anymore. They provided Cookie's medical history to us. It turned out she was 6 years old and was 2 pounds lighter than she had been a year earlier. We took Cookie to the Vet the next day and she suggested some medications and special foods to try that would hopefully alleviate the problem.

Needless to say, Cookie's bathroom situation got much worse. She was going all the time and often not making it to the liter box. The Vet had us switching foods every few weeks. Nothing worked. I then did a Google search on IBD and cats. I came across many sites that recommended raw diets for IBD. One site in particular caught my attention (catnutrition.org), which recommended a site called felinespride.com which sells and ships raw diet food. I figured we had nothing to lose at this point and we would try the raw diet as a last resort. I bought 15 pounds of the chicken diet. The shipment arrived in 2 days, the food was still frozen. Cookie took to the food very well. I mixed in a little bit of the canned food the first 2 days. The first night, she had 1 accident. From day 2 on, her bathroom instances went down dramatically to the point now (1 month later), we don’t even know when she's going, it's that infrequent. Her bowels are no longer pure liquid and she hasn’t had any accidents since the first night.

Her energy level is way up, she regained a pound and is a wonderful pet. She gets so excited for her next meal. This has truly been incredible and we highly recommend giving the food a chance. The cost is well worth the results.

- Jeff Reeves

Xavier ~ My taste buds are in love

You may or may not be aware that my co-host here, Gretyl, is the spokes model for the raw food company, Feline's Pride. Yesterday I had the privilege of trying some of their food (I had the turkey) and it was delicious! I wolfed my food down in record time, as did my little sister, Mira and we both fought Fallon for her portion. Papa had to lock Mira and I in another room so Fallon could finish and I scratched some wood off the door trying to get out.

So yes, it's a wonderful food and my taste buds agree! It was ground thoroughly and came in these convenient little tubs. The food also came with a nifty magnet and a catnip toy which all five of us fought over. I would highly recommend this food to anyone who would like to try raw but would rather not do all the work of grinding.

It's also great because it has everything we need in it so you wouldn't have to supplement this diet. Please do yourself a favor and check it out! Purrs...

- Xav

14 cats

So far, several of my guys really like the raw chicken mixture, but I wanted to try the turkey as well. I have tried some other "natural/raw" additives to put with the ground meat, but by the time I pay for the natural, range-fed, no hormones, etc. meat, it is more expensive per pound that your shipments. I would like to get all (14) of my cats on a raw diet, but there are several who won't even eat any canned food, so I am not too hopeful. The outside girl in the garage really, really likes the chicken (it's like I'm giving her a fresh mouse, I think). Thanks for such a good product and service.

- Jeff Jackson

Like a New Cat

This food has been incredible for our cat. We adopted her 3 months ago and found out shortly after the adoption the real reason why was given up, which was severe IBD. After 3 days being on the new food she was like a new cat and hasn't had any problems since.

- Jeff Jackson

Mari ~ a diabetic and with renal complications

My female Siamese was diagnosed with multiple problems - diabetes, kidney disease and now a gingival metaplastic bone growth. Feline's Pride food is of fantastic quality and my cat loves it! With all the organic supplements, Felines Pride is complete in itself -- there's no need to add anything extra. My cat certainly can tell the difference between this fabulous food and her old diet, dry vet food. As soon as I say "raw food" to her, she licks her chops in anticipation! Within 1 week of "the transition" to Feline's Pride raw food, her coat is looking better, her eyes brighter and -- her insulin working better! Within 1 short week, with home testing, I am able to use less insulin with her, as her blood glucose levels have already started to decrease from being continually high and "off the scale" into a level where she can begin to get properly regulated.

I'm 80% vegetarian myself and I Feline's Pride is so appealing I wanted to eat it myself. It's a pate and very easy for kitties to eat. There are no big chunks in it at all. If he is eating what you call "pouch food" he can eat FP no problem.

- Carol

Lily and Janie

This is Lily after she gained 2 lbs due to depression at losing her two best friends 3/05 & 4/05. Hey Feline's Pride, Lily has been on your chicken, mixed with Avoderm canned chicken (kitten), 50-50, for 4 weeks now and she's fabulous. Not only are her BGL's stable (no insulin needed), but her coat is like silk again, her eyes are bright, she's alert and active, & NOT audibly wheezing!!!.... just audible in the usual manner. Over a year ago, when first Dx with FA, she needed her Flovent inhaler BID, and even needed a Depo shot 2/06 which pushed her into DKA!! I was thrilled when that happened.....NOT.

Since then I have been able to wean her down to dtaily Flovent & more recently to every other day. However, over the past month that she's been on Feline's Pride, I've noticed even less wheezing than usual.

In fact I haven't heard a wheeze since last Thursday night!! So I've decided to try to wean her inhaler down to 3x week & see what happens. I figure I won't know if I don't try, right?! I'm also slowly adding more Feline's Pride & less Avoderm to the girls' diet, don't want to shell shock their taste buds after all.

BTW what is the magic anti-asthma ingredient? Do you know? or is it just generally hypo-allergenic? Lily is allergic to Neomycin & who knows what else. I forgot to tell you that she'd also had a smoldering fungal ear infection for months that I couldn't get rid of, no matter what I used….. it has now GONE!!!!! I don't know if it's the diet, or the controlled BGL's, or both, I don't care, her ears are pristine! So pat yourself & "Miss Grinder" on the back for a job well done.

Check out Lily's blog at stephie-lily.blogspot.com & you'll find a pic of her using her inhaler. Both Lily & Janie insist on sending head rubs, kitty kisses & purrs ...

p.s. Janie is getting chubby, but it's probably the best she's eaten in years.

- Stephanie

Thrilled I am thrilled with the product

I ordered it Saturday morning and was shocked to have it arrive early Monday afternoon. I already told him - it looks delicious enough to eat - love the consistency ... (er, please send two next time).

- Allison

Tigger...the king of finicky eaters!

He loves it!!!! Since finally weaning him off dry food after his dx of FD (a task in itself), we have tried raw food in various forms, even to the point of purchasing our own grinder. We tried both Oma's Pride and the NV raw medallions as well. He would simply sniff, look at me like I was trying to poison him, and then walk away. I tried hiding it in his canned food, but he was not fooled. So there they all sat in my freezer taking up space. I would bring each variety out and try again at various times, but he would have no part of it and would just turn up his nose.

Then after reading the testimonies here, I thought we would give it one more try. My husband just laughed at me. He knows how finicky Tigger is. As soon as the order arrived, in my enthusiasm, I just plopped some down into a dish for him. As expected, he just sniffed and walked away. My DH gave me that 'told you so' look.

Undeterred, I waited until dinnertime and mixed just a little bit with his food. Plus I sprinkled a little parmesan cheese over it....and then he ate it! We were both amazed! I have tried this before with all the other raw food attempts and he still wouldn't touch them!

In the next few days I kept adding more and more. He was eating with a renewed enthusiasm and loving it. I then started giving it to him plain with some Liv-A-Littles sprinkled over the top. He dove into it. I still find it had to believe that this finicky cat actually likes this raw food called Feline's Pride. Many thanks to you Shelby and your new lady friend, Miss grinder

- Pamela and Tigger

Krista's Story

HI, I'm Krista and I am a long-time animal lover and active in animal adoption and feral cat trap and release programs as a volunteer. I have slowly learned through my experiences and research what would be optimal for cats. All my kitties were fed dry kibble for many years until I changed some of my own beliefs and became a lot more inquisitive into what a natural diet would look like for cats. Also my kitties had acquired many issues due to our many years of kibble amongst various other things. Diabetes, hepatic lipidosis, hyperthyroid, IBD, bladder stones, pancreatitis, frequent vomiting, allergies, and whatever ailments you can think of, one or more of my kitties has had that issue, so I am well aware of how diet and nutrition impact each one and can even reverse many.

It has been a long road and I know I will never reach an end of learning, but I am so pleased to have found a no filler, no grain, no vegetables or fruits raw diet which meets the needs of my feline friends. It meets my needs too as I do not have to work with meat buying, grinding, or adding the proper portions as a life-long vegetarian. I am finally able to feed it to all of my cats even at their advanced age. And even my old man kitty of almost 18, loves it! 

I am also a mom of one small human boy who loves kitties and wife to my husband who has always been supportive of my passion and love for animals. My first picky cat didn't love anyone else but me, until he met my boyfriend (future husband) whom he absolutely adored at their first meeting. SoÉone could say my kitties picked for me my husband-to-be. They have certainly been present all along the way during my son's milestones too. He is currently four. I'm happy to help in any way I can and I truly hope your kitties will be as happy as mine are now. - Krista Leirmoe, San Diego Area Reseller.

- Krista