Grinder Combo Maint. Kit

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Grinder Combo Maint. Kit

Our Grinder combo maintenance kit contains the equipment that you will need to have available to keep your grinder operating problem free throughout your pet food preparation process.

Grinder Brush Kit (6 pcs). Contains 6 nylon-bristle brushes which are handy when it's time to clean your meat grinder plates and everything else associated with your home pet food preparation!

Food Grade Silicone Spray. LubiQuik food grade lubricant spray provides a deep, penetrating silicone film that lubricates and quiets moving machine parts, which extends the life of your food service equipment.

Plastic spray bottle of Sanitizer and Disinfectant (32 oz). Noble Chemical QuikSan sanitizer and disinfectant sanitizes in 60 seconds and disinfects in 5 minutes. Sanitize or disinfect against Salmonella, E-Coli including many other bacteria and viruses with ease.

See each individual product and its description for more information.

This product will ship separately from a food order and we must allow 7 business days for delivery.

Note: This ORM-D consumer commodity item cannot be shipped via Air and can only be shipped by ground services in the lower 48 states only.

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