Grinder Hand #10 Stainless Steel

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Grinder Hand #10 Stainless Steel

Start "Raw Made Easy" the old fashioned way by making your pet’s homemade Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (B.A.R.F.) diet with a LEM #10 Stainless Steel hand operated meat grinder. Depending on available freezer space and the number of pets you are supporting, you should only have to make food two or three times a week. This clamp-on style grinder comes with 2 stainless steel plates, is rust resistant, easy to clean, and easily grinds boneless or ground bone meats (no bones) for your hungry brood of furry little friends. No pet owner taking control of what their pet’s are consuming should be without this grinder.

PLEASE HAND WASH ALL GRINDER PARTS – This item is not dishwasher safe.


• 1 Stainless Steel Cutting Blade
• 2 Stainless Steel Plates - 3/16" (5mm) & 3/8" (10mm)
• Stuffing Tube Kit with stuffing star, flange and 3 tubes 1/2", 3/4" and 1"

Shipping Restrictions: This product will ship separately from a food order.

Don't forget to add Grinder Surface Sanitizer, Grinder Brush Cleaning Kit and Grinder Food Grade Silicone Spray or buy the Grinder Combo Maintenance Kit to keep your grinder clean and running smoothly.

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