Pet Food History

Cats evolved eating mice, birds and other small prey. For thousands of years people have lived with cats, and for most of that time these felines maintained this essential diet. A cat was often measured by it’s skill as a "mouser".

  • Early humans took a more hands on approach domesticating dogs. While cats followed humans because their foods (mice and birds) were attracted to our grain stores, dogs were actually domesticated and utilized for protection and to assist with hunting. The dog’s natural ability to hunt prey that humans find desirable led to this partnership. As a result of this relationship, early man shared his dinner with the dogs, and dogs with early man. This is likely the explanation for dogs having a better tolerance for plant matter like fruits and vegetables, where as cats do not.       
  • The dog biscuit was invented around 1860 by James Spratt, who expanded into other feeds and veterinary medicine. His company later became part of Purina, a subsidiary of General Mills.
  • Other companies formed to compete and in 1908 the Milkbone biscuit was marketed as a complete diet for dogs.

  • Manufacturers began canning horse meat as a way to dispose of old horses and mules in waning demand with the age of the automobile. In WWI the military wanted a lightweight food source for military dogs and manufacturers responded with extruded kibble. This food source was needed for war dogs. These dogs were used specifically to find hidden land mines.
  • The food that was needed for them was never intended to be complete, balanced, nor to sustain life for longer than the necessary service (which was not expected to be very long, as the nature of these dog’s job was to sacrifice themselves for the sake of soldiers).
  • By the 1950’s kibble was marketed to the public in mass. Cats were caught up in the marketing as well with campaigns that claimed that one type of kibble or canned food made for a healthy diet.
  • Cats and dogs have suffered greatly from this grain rich, byproduct filled mess. It has caused the epidemic rise of I.B.D., Diabetes, and other ailments that don’t exist in the wild.
  • In recent years, more and more pet parents are waking up to this common sense reality and switching their pets to raw.