The Raw Truth

We welcome you to call our office at 716-462-5549 if you still have questions about feeding raw. Phone lines may be busy, so if you would like to set up a consultation, you can email us at to schedule a phone conference! Cats (carnivores) and dogs (omnivores) need to eat fresh meat as a basis for their diet and to maintain good health. Their bodies are not equipped to digest cooked or processed food and they cannot easily rid themselves of the toxic byproducts they contain.

Cats and dogs can eat raw - game hens, chicken, quail, turkey, duck, rabbit, mice, and various organ meats.

The Natural diet of cats does not include cooked meat or cooked bones, grains, vegetables, fruits, kibble, canned, or preserved foods. Dogs, while also eating meat, need a diet that is also free from grains and starches, preservatives, antibiotics, hormones and artificial additives like flavors and colors. However, they need sources of beta carotene, antioxidants, disease preventing phytochemicals, and other nutritional supplements which are found in small amounts of vegetables and fruits.

Cats and dogs must eat every day. Do not fast your pet for more than 24 hours, especially if your pet is overweight. Overweight pets can suffer from ‘hepatic lipidosis’ if they do not receive adequate amounts of food. When switching your pet to a raw diet, be sure that the pet eats something every day, even if that means mixing commercial food in with the raw.

Cats and dogs should not have an unlimited supply of food available at all times.

Pets may be fed 2 to 3 times per day.

Your individual cat or dog may need fewer or more frequent feedings depending upon age, activity level, or medical conditions.

Cats and dogs must always have a supply of fresh, clean water. For additional information on feeding amounts, please feel free to call or email at anytime!

The Myth

It is common for people and even some veterinarians to be skeptical or wary of the concept of raw feeding.

Feeding raw is safe despite many misconceptions.

What about salmonella? We are taught to fear raw meats. The word salmonella is constantly thrown around to scare people from providing raw food diets for their pets. The truth is that carefully prepared diets can be made just by using common sense hygiene.

Some companies claim that a single kibble or canned food is a complete diet. That’s just crazy talk. All carnivores like cats, and most omnivores like dogs need fresh meat to maintain their health.