ReSellers Program

A reseller is a company or individual (merchant) that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than exclusively consuming or using them though some of our current resellers do exclusively use the food for their own pets needs. However, becoming a ReSeller usually is done for profit.


My Pets Pride LLC is dedicated to doing everything possible to spread the good news of natures nutrition for your pets health. Felines Pride and Canines Pride are National Brands that are distributed through Shelby’s Pantry. To reach out to as many pet owners as we can we have established a ReSeller Program. This has been in place for some time and includes individuals that wish to buy food in bulk or eentrepreneurs that want to have quantity on hand for resell to other cat and dog owners with more favorable pricing. To be in this program you have to 1) be present on the day of delivery to receive your order ( to keep from defrosting), and 2) place minimum order quantities or 80 lbs or more and 3) it is important that you own an appropriate size freezer(s) to keep the product frozen down. To give you and idea of what kind of ReSellers we currently have they range from individuals with lots of cats and dogs, to small pet food stores, to Veterinarians and Hospitals.

So to recap;

  • Anyone can request to be a ReSeller.
  • Your product will be shipped to your door.
  • On the Day of Delivery you must be there to receive the order.
  • You must order a minimum of 80lbs or more.
  • You must have freezer space available to store your order.
  • Full payment is due before order is shipped.

In return, we help you by giving you referrals based on your geographical location as preferred to having our customers ordering on the web site. You will also be listed on our web site as an authorized reseller. Our current ReSellers range from individuals with several cats and/or dogs, individuals operating out of their homes, small pet food stores, veterinarians , and hospitals.

To initiate the process simply fill in a Contact Us note to us. Our customer Support people will get back to you or you can email us at: or call us at 1-716-462-5549.